Why honeymoon in Oceania?

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Oceania why honeymoon here?

Why not spend your honeymoon in Oceania? New Zealand and Australia bring together vast landscapes, vibrant towns and cities, lovely coastlines and fascinating cultures, making Oceania an unforgettable honeymoon destination!

Both countries have a combined Maori and European influence on their cultural heritage, plus more recent south East Asian elements. Restaurants, cafés, markets and traditional crafts all reflect this unique blend of ethnic groups. Particularly in Northland in New Zealand, which is the cradle of Maori culture, and the city of Darwin in Australia, is strongly influenced by neighboring Asian countries.

Interestingly, the capitals of both countries, although well worth visiting, are upstaged by other cities, whose names are known all over the world. Auckland and Sydney boast spectacular coastal settings which lead to comparisons being made between the two. Their harbors and bridges are spectacular, and both also feature magnificent beaches.

Other cities of note include. Perth, Melbourne, Cairns, Brisbane, Adelaide and Dunedin. All have their own special appeal, bringing together great shopping, cuisine, historic buildings and cultural highlights.

One of the best things about Oceania is that, whatever city you are in, you are never too far from huge expanses of breathtaking natural beauty. The Australian outback, the Great Barrier Reef and New Zealand’s many national parks are just a few highlights in these countries of spectacular natural landscapes. Many cities are sheltered by mountains and provide the perfect base from which to discover the surrounding area.

Whether it’s the Sydney Opera House or the glacial valleys of New Zealand which draws you to Oceania for your honeymoon, your discovery of this stunning region is sure to be an exciting, romantic and truly memorable experience.

For all areas in-between, there are wonderful seaside towns, inland towns and villages, farms, shopping and so much more to be discovered on your honeymoon! There is something to suit all ages and all budgets. So whatever you do, enjoy yourself, in the most precious of times.

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