Tips for Anxiety Sufferers

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Here are a few natural ways (other than drugs) to calm the strained nerves and control anxiety:

• Drugs can aid to overcome anxiety but they work as long as you take them. Few herbal products are known to help in reducing symptoms related to anxiety with longer lasting effects like Kava, Valerian Root and Passion flower. These herbs are known to be really effective and part of many herbal anxiety treatment regimens all over the world

• Overcoming an anxiety attack through self action:

Under sever anxiety attack a patient can experience uncontrollable symptoms such as rapid heartbeat, gloomy head and chest pains etc. the duration of system can be pretty prolonged with intensity periods recurring every 10 minutes or so. There are some self control measures which can help control the symptoms and regain composure. Some of the effective self control measures include:

• Breathing exercise.

Ability to breathe normal is somewhat jeopardized in an anxiety attack. It's important to try and regulate your breathing at such times. To regulate your breathing close your eyes, imagine something beautiful or something which gives you happiness, then blow like you are blowing on a birthday candle. Doing it soft and slowly for some time will work wonders to control your anxiety attack.

• Talk to someone who is close or take a walk

Talking to someone who is close to you can have magical effects in dramatically reducing the impact of an anxiety attack. Sharing your mental state and reason for anxiety is key to using this anxiety reduction and control therapy.

Taking a brisk walk can help you overcome an anxiety attack. Brisk walk or even a light jog raises your blood pressure, makes you breath harder and increases the blood flow to your brain. All these physiological changes contribute in helping you control anxiety attack.

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