Penis Size: Problems and Solutions for a Big Penis

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Penis Size: Problems and Solutions for a Big Penis

It's no secret that modern culture has an obsession with penis size, with the result that a man who is endowed with an abnormally big penis is looked on with great envy by those who are more modestly equipped.

There's no denying that possessing a big penis comes with certain advantages, especially if a guy has practiced proper penis care and it's in good shape.

But there can also be issues when one's penis size is substantially above the norm.


Some of those problems are related to sex, as one might suspect. The bigger the penis, the more of an impression it makes when first unveiled, and that can have a positive effect in terms of creating excitement in a partner. But it may also create expectations that the owner of the phallus in question may not be able to fulfill. Just because a guy is big doesn't necessarily mean that he can last for hours or that there aren't any erectile issues to consider.

If anything, the super-sized man can feel more pressure to perform, and that can lead to sexual dysfunction, especially if a partner expressed disappointment due to unrealistic expectations based solely on size.

On the other hand, men whose self-confidence is raised because of their mammoth member can still have issues. For example, oral sex can be so challenging that a "blessed" guy may rarely get to enjoy this form of sexual pleasure from a partner.

Most vaginas are fortunately capable of stretching to accommodate even very large penises, but there are some cases when injury does occur to a female partner. And a small percentage of men can't find condoms that cover their entire shaft, which can be a protection problem.

Beyond the bedroom

But big penis issues extend beyond sex. Some men whose equipment is especially large when soft find it difficult to use a urinal; the penis tends to touch the porcelain or even dip into the urinal water - neither of which is particularly hygienic.

A manhood that extends down the thigh can make crossing the legs or riding a bike challenging. It also presents clothing quandaries for work. A man wants to find pants that aren't excessively baggy for his professional life, but a really big penis can make wearing pants that are even slightly clingy a risky proposition.

 Penis Size: Problems and Solutions for a Big Penis

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And changing in the gym locker room can result in a lot of resentful stares that can be pretty distracting.

What to do

Most men with a big penis accept that their penis size is worth the challenges it presents. Among the ways they deal with challenges are:

- Speaking honestly with potential partners. If they aren't able to last for hours in bed, they explain that just because they are large doesn't mean they have superhuman stamina. This openness is usually appreciated by those they take to bed.

- Accepting limited oral sex. A guy comes to understand that deep-throating may be out of the question and learns to appreciate what a partner can accomplish.

- Being especially tender in bed. A guy doesn't want to cause pain in a partner, so many "gifted" men learn how to take things especially slow and easy during foreplay - and that can be a big plus in the long run.

Tips for better Sex

The well-endowed know all-to-well that a big penis can pose problems in the bedroom. In a sexual relationship, minding the needs of a partner's vagina is every bit as important as practicing proper penis care. The following are some basics for bigger men to keep in mind.

Know her limits

Some women enjoy stimulation around the cervix, while others find it painful. Knowing what one's partner is comfortable with will help a man know how deep not to go.

Foreplay makes things possible

Vaginas really aren't that deep. But as a woman gets aroused, her organ expands both in length and width. Making sure she's plenty turned on, then - while desirable regardless of penis size - makes penetration much more comfortable for both partners. Learn about what she loves most - body kissing, oral, manual stimulation, a combination of these, etc.

Keep lube on hand

Even though a partner may produce plenty of natural lubrication, being penetrated by a large member, especially if some of its bigness comes from girth, can create enough friction to render her stores insufficient. Plus, if a couple goes at it for an extended period of time, a lady is bound to start running low eventually. Have a product on hand that can be relied on for extra slickness.

Put her in control of penetration depth

There are a number of different positions, and variations thereof, that limit the depth to which a man can thrust, which may be necessary in order for the hung man to avoid accidentally going too deep. Here are the basics:

Woman on top

When a woman is on top, whether riding in a traditional fashion or going for reverse cowgirl, she is in control of thrust depth and speed. In the traditional on-top position with her facing the man, she can arch her back slightly to angle his penis so that it hits her G-spot - a real thrill.


The angle at which the penis enters the vagina in the traditional spooning position inhibits super-deep thrusting.

From behind

Couples with the big penis predicament can still enjoy from-behind position, but it's likely best if the woman lies on her stomach and keeps her legs together. In traditional doggy style, with the woman on her hands and knees, it can be easy for him to go too deep. Plus, having her legs together gives the man a nice, tight feel to enjoy.


When a woman stands, her vagina is lengthened and the angle is conducive to ease of entry when she faces him - that is, when partners are a similar height. If height disparity is an issue, generally it's because the man is taller than the women; this can be compensated for by a pair of heels, if the partners are into that.

Penis size doesn't change the need for penis health, so whether a man has a big penis or a modest one, he will do well to use a superior penis health creme

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