Homemade Back Pain Remedies

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Try out these absolutely easy-to-follow natural back pain remedies and you will be surprised at how easily and quickly you are able to snap out of your current back pain problem!

Applying heat

The first homemade back pain remedy is to apply heat on the affected area. We all know that heat enhances blood circulation, loosening up the muscles and relaxing them. Blood flow to any injured area lets it heal much faster. We could have unknowingly injured our back while suddenly jerking, twisting or leaning forward. It could even have happened while we were driving and had to use the brakes suddenly, causing the body to jerk forward. If this is the case, the 'injury' is minor and the back pain will immediately respond to a hot shower or the application of a heating pad.


Yet another very common-sense back pain remedy is to keep up with regular and moderate exercise. Exercise loosens up the muscles, heals them and prevents them from further damage in the future. Start off with an easy exercise schedule. If you find it difficult to stand and bend to touch your toes, start by sitting, keeping the feet shoulder-width apart. Leaning forward to touch the toes then becomes simple! Once you start getting used to exercise, slowly build up your workout schedule, taking care never to injure yourself in the process. Never ever try to overreach your limits while exercising. Just give the body the level of exercise it needs to keep healthy. Moderate exercise is more than enough to keep the back muscles well oiled!


Low-impact aerobic exercises are best back pain remedy for all of us. This keeps the blood circulation at its optimum level, while giving the required movement to the back muscles without straining them. Swimming has proved to be the best exercise for the back, so do indulge more often in the pool!

Most artificial methods of back pain relief, such as painkillers and the like, only work on the surface. The sensible thing to do is to tackle the root of the problem. Both of the above-mentioned homemade back pain remedies work like a miracle. Of course, if your back is severely strained or if you are suffering from a particular medical condition affecting the back, it is best for you to approach your doctor and discuss the best back pain remedy in your case.

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