Health Risks of Not Maintaining Your Roof Properly

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Maintaining your roof is of extreme importance, no matter where you live, or what type of house you own. The roof protects you from the outside weather conditions, and as such a shield it gets exposed to various challenges to endure.

Sunlight, rain, snow and practically every type of weather have an effect on your roof. If properly constructed, it can withstand years of exposure, but eventually – you will have to consider doing some roof work.

Wondering why? Well here’s a list of reasons and tips to overcome roof issues.

Roof Stains

If you’ve noticed stains on your roof, it may be nothing serious, but it’s important to inspect it right away. Roof moss, lichen, and similar plants can go through shingles and to the roof deck. When they get in contact with wood it starts to rot. Rotting wood is extremely hospitable surrounding for mold to grow, and once you have a mold taken over your roof, you have a serious health hazard.

Now, there are always aesthetical reasons to keep your roof clean. Cleaning a roof can elevate your home’s market value and it can also be very beneficial for the house itself. Dark spots on the roof accumulate more of the sunlight and they create a significant difference in temperature. There are some different types of health risks when it comes to different roof stains, so let’s go through some of them.

  • Roof Algae – Blue-green type of algae, commonly found in warm climates with humid summer seasons. Their spores get carried away, and they land on the roof where they feed on the limestone filler commonly used with asphalt shingles. As they feed and grow, they accumulate more water, making their surroundings extremely susceptible to the development of other organisms.
  • Fungi – Fungi developing on your roof are probably one of the biggest structural risks that can happen to your home. The tar that is commonly used in roofing projects acts as a nutrient for fungi. The fungi keep feeding on asphalt granules as they provide a perfect source of nutrients. These granules act as a UV protection and insulation, so once they are gone, rapid deterioration will occur.
  • Mold – Not all mold species are harmful to our health, but any excessive growth should represent a problem. There are certain types of mold that can be seriously dangerous for your health. Our organisms have quite strong defense mechanisms against almost all type of fungi, but fungal colonies help create high concentrations of mold, with very dangerous organic chemical metabolites.

 Health Risks of Not Maintaining Your Roof Properly

Other Signs for Roof Job

It would be easy if you could just take care of some roof stains and consider your roof a safe one, but there are other signs you should keep in mind, and they can pose a serious issue to the health and safety of the house occupants.

  • Fading Color – Once the pigment in the color starts to fade, your home starts looking worn and washed out. Keep in mind that fading happens gradually so always do a thorough inspection. If you are certain that paint has deteriorated – call a professional. Companies like ASAP Sydney Roof Painters provide amazing services and help. Painting the roof by yourself may be a bit tricky, as it requires experience.
  • Broken Gutters – If you are living in a rainy area, then you know how helpful gutters are, and how big of a problem they can get. Broken gutters can lead to rapid deterioration of certain parts of the roof, as the water runs through but doesn’t flow where it’s supposed to. Leaky gutters can cause damages not just to your roof, but to your house exterior, and they can pose a great threat if they aren’t properly secured. Make sure your gutters are always easily accessible and regularly cleaned to prevent them from leaking or over flooding.
  • Insecure Shingles – In windy areas, insecure shingles can be a life threat. A significant number of lethal accidents in storms are the direct result of insecure shingles that have fallen from the roof and injured someone. Make sure you are using top quality materials for your shingles, and use those recommended for your weather conditions. Always consult a professional when placing shingles and doing roofing projects to avoid any serious health hazards.


There are a lot of things to consider when protecting your home, and when it comes to the roof, it’s the same story. You always have to double check everything, because roof damages are the ones that can be the most expensive ones. Consult a professional and maintain your roof regularly and you won’t have to worry about health hazards.

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