Fun Fitness Dance Routines

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Do you love to dance? Have you been looking for the right fitness routine for you? Dancing is such a great form of exercise on so many levels. You might have noticed just how toned and fit any dancer looks. It’s a total body workout and you can have a lot of fun with it.

So if you’re looking for a fun fitness routine, then take up dance. You can try so many different types of dance. You can take a class with some friends or just do it in your own home. Even video games like Just Dance have been created to give you an opportunity to dance not only for fun, but for fitness as well.

Here are some different types of dance genres you might want to consider for your next fitness dance class. Find the right one for you by determining what it is you hope to gain from a specific style of dance.


Ballet is definitely not easy. People train from birth to be professional ballet dancers. Of course, that doesn’t mean it can’t be done and you can’t receive the benefits of this style of dance as a fitness routine. There is a lot of concise precision to ballet and that’s something you must take into consideration before taking on this style of dance.

Ballet is great for your legs especially - in fact, your entire bottom half. Ballet will increase your flexibility and improve your posture. You need to be serious and committed even as just a fitness routine, but if you’re up for the challenge then you’ll see great results.

Latin Dance

Salsa, merengue, or cha-cha if you have a partner. Zumba if you don’t. Zumba is becoming all the rage these days, too. This is a dance that really gets those hips moving, which makes it great for the torso and hip area. Building your core gives you a better posture and less back strain. It’s fast paced and often lots of fun. With a partner or on your own, Latin dance makes for a fun fitness dance. It’s really not a wonder that Zumba classes are becoming so popular.

Indian Dance

The Masala Bhangra is like the Indian version of the Electric Slide. This is a relatively simple dance routine, but it works your upper body and especially the arms very well. It is low impact and low pressure, so this makes it the ideal workout for any beginner. And it can be done alone or in a group.


The smoothness of jazz music lends to a smooth and cool dance routine. If you’re looking for something to really work on those thighs, then jazz is the style of dance for you. Think Broadway musical. Classes will be high energy and very spirited. But with a combo of cardio, strength, and power moves, you can burn a lot of calories while doing jazz dancing.

Tap Dance

This is a classic form of dance. It’s a great workout for your feet and lower legs, and it can also be a lot of fun learning a kick ball change move. If you are a "tap your foot to the beat" kind of person, then tap dance might be right up your sleeve. You don’t need a whole lot of hand-foot coordination in tap dance. Tap is less strain on your joints than running, but you’ll get the same or similar results. It strengthens bones and joints. So get hopping on that tap dance bandwagon.

There are many more different kinds of dance you can try, but these are the basics and often your local community center or gym will offer these different types of classes. So check it out; it might be a lot of fun.

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