Eat Fat, Get Thin

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Eat Fat, Get Thin

You’ve probably heard a lot about the dangers of fat in your diet. This advice led to a flurry of new diets being created that eliminated fats from the diet. Everyone was assured that removing fats from their eating plans would result in better health - especially cardiovascular health and improved cholesterol levels.

But that didn’t happen.

Instead of having new cases that showed a remarkable drop in fat levels that are tied into heart attacks, strokes and other health problems, new cases showed either no change or a rise in fat levels.

The reason behind this is because the body needs a certain amount of fat in order to maintain the health of its organs and functions. Without the right amount of fats, your body can’t work the way it was meant to.

If you’re wondering if it’s possible to eat fat and still be healthy - or better yet, lose weight while eating fat, the answer is yes. You can learn how in the book, Eat Fat, Get Thin.

This book features a program based in scientific fact that teaches readers the benefits of using fat in their diets. Along with the benefits of using fat in food, the book teaches how it’s actually imperative to losing weight and staying healthy.

Many of the foods that were placed on the do-not-eat fat list in low fat diets have been proven to be so beneficial to health that you need to eat them. For example, prior studies showed that eating eggs were bad for your health.

But research now has proven that not only are eggs good for you, but your body needs the fat they contain. Rather than being a culprit that can cause health problems, the fat in eggs can help you lose weight and get healthy.

Instead of avoiding fat, you need to eat it. Of course, there are fats in certain foods that offer a lot more health benefits than what’s found in other foods. Along with eggs, you want to make sure that you consume the fats found in avocados and nuts as well as the fats contained in oils like olive oil.

The fats in these foods are the kind that work to keep you healthier. Following a diet that’s rich in fats won’t cause you to gain weight. Eating the right fat in foods will allow you to lose weight.

In the book, you’ll learn which fats to eat and why. You’ll discover how eating them will help you lose weight and feel better. The program in the book will give you the tools you need to take control of your health. You’ll be able to follow the meal plans with their easy to make recipes and you’ll get detailed shopping lists on what you need to buy for each of the meals.


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