Caribbean exotic and romantic honeymoons

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Caribbean exotic and romantic honeymoons

Why choose to have your honeymoon in the exotic Caribbean? The Caribbean Islands are some of the most beautiful island destinations in the world!

Palm-fringed beaches, turquoise seas and stunning sunsets, make a Caribbean honeymoon a romantic experience never to forget. Bermuda, Cuba, Jamaica and Puerto Rico each have a distinct cultural identity with a fascinating variety of influences.

Sunshine and a relaxed atmosphere are common to all the Caribbean Islands. The idyllic white sand beaches are perfect for soaking up the sun’s rays, and the many miles of coastline offer countless other activities. These include swimming and snorkeling in the warm waters, to surfing, diving or water skiing for the more adventurous! There are beautiful coral reefs in the waters around both Cuba and Puerto Rico.

 Caribbean exotic and romantic honeymoons

The interiors of the  feature mountains, waterfalls, hills, underground rivers, caves, tropical rain forests and much more stunning scenery. Protected national parks showcase some of the most impressive landscapes. There are guided tours available to help you explore and discover areas in safety.

Caribbean culture is a vibrant mix of African, Indigenous, European and North American traditions. This has resulted in unique forms of dance, art, architecture, language, cuisine and much more. During your honeymoon, you may like to wander through museums of Caribbean art, visit a traditional village or witness a national dance performance. The music of the Caribbean – reggae, salsa and soca are just a few of the styles are an essential part of everyday life. Rhythm and soul are very important to many people in the Caribbean islands.

Each of the Caribbean Islands has its own special appeal, and the most difficult decision will be deciding between them for your honeymoon! With sunshine, good food and stunning natural features guaranteed, your honeymoon in the Caribbean, whichever island you choose, is sure to be unforgettable.

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