7 Ways On How To Wake Somebody Up

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When trying to wake someone up without success, be it a friend or a family member, it is very tempting to jump on the bed and scream at the top of your voice.

Though that can work, I suggest you avoid it if you do not want to have a bad day. Try some of the calmest and mildest methods discussed below.

Wake Them Naturally

1. Make Them Either A Cup Of Coffee Or Aromatic Tea.

Get to their room holding the cup. Sit in the corner of the bed and watch as the aroma and your weight on bed help the person to make a smooth transition from the slumbering land. The scent makes waking up enjoyable and arouses their senses.

2 Make A Bit Of Noise.
Go to the room and make a bit of noise. Avoid too loud noise as you can scare the person awake, leading to an individual waking up on the "wrong side of bed.

The following types of noise can be some real noise to wake a person up.

- Swishing your jeans as you walk
- Opening and closing of the door
- Conversing outside their door
- Running water in a near bathroom
- Making clicks with your heels
3. Open The Curtains To Let In Some Light.

Other than noises, another natural method is light. Draw the curtains to allow light inside, and you can leave the door ajar if there are no windows.

The light signals the body that the sun is up and it is time to rise and get productive.

4. Fill The Room With An Inviting Scent.

You can either brew coffee, spray a lemon scent in the room -lemons are particularly alerting- or fry bacon.

Ensure it is the scents they enjoy if the person is not into bacon the scent may not help to get him/her out of bed.
If that does not work, try taking them breakfast into their rooms. It will not only assist to wake them up it will also get you on their good side because it feels like a great favor.

Get More Creative

5. Act Like You Are Looking For Something In Their Room.

Walk into the room and act like you are looking for something. You can start with moving items to open drawers.

Lift the sheets and pretend to find something beneath the covers. Ensure you crop up with something realistic to get you in their rooms.

6. Pull Their Covers Off Them

It is also another trick that totally works. The sharp change in temperature and the sudden un-comfortability is likely to wake one up

It is a great approach, but just ensure they have clothes on before you pull the covers.

7. Set The Alarm.

If you can spot an alarm or a phone close to their bed, set it some minutes in the future so that you can make a fast escape.

When the alarm rings, they will perhaps say to themselves "weird, I do not remember setting my alarm.

After using most of the above fun tricks and the person is not waking up it is only right to use an old method, as we all know, Old is Gold.

Fill a bucket with cold water, pour the water on your target and run as fast as lightining, so that you make it to a safe place before the victim figures out what has just happened. It is an effective method, especially for waking up the lazy ones.

After using most of the above ways, they will probably wake up pissed, give them a tight hug, it will work magic in calming them down.

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